My Briyani House

My Briyani House

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  • YewTee Point #01-18
  • 8am to 11pm

My Briyani House at Yew Tee Point, managed by Mr Teh Tarik, is a halal-certified establishment. We bring you your local Indian cuisine favourites such as nasi briyani (our signature aromatic rice dish), mee goreng, roti prata, roti john, and so on. Not forgetting, the all-time favourite teh tarik. With our wide array of food and drink choices; we believe there is something just for you! Need a quick bite before catching your event? Fret not, we have a take-away counter dedicated to serving you. Known for its aroma, nasi briyani has been one of the favourite dishes of Indian cuisine. At My Briyani House, our nasi briyani is made from long-grained thin Basmati rice, steamed with spices like cinnamon and cloves to give it flavour. Chicken and mutton briyani are amongst our customers’ favourites. What’s so special about Basmati rice – the rice used to make our nasi briyani? Basmati rice has low fat content and does not contain cholesterol. Compared to various types of rice, it has a lower Glycaemic Index (GI), which means, it keeps you fuller longer. It also contains iron and B-vitamins. Unique for its light texture, this long-grained rice feels different from conventional white rice when put in your mouth.


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