MindChamps Reading & Writing

MindChamps Reading & Writing

  • 6538 3113
  • Eastpoint Mall #06-04
  • 2pm to 8pm (Tue to Fri)
    10am to 6pm (Sat)  
    10am to 4pm (Sun)
    Closed (Mon)

Reading & Writing (for 3 – 7 years old)
Develop by global Early Childhood Literacy Experts after years of extensive research, MindChamps Reading & Writing establishes the love for reading and writing in your child’s early years by engaging both their emotions and intellect. MindChamps Reading ensures that your child master the full suites of 8 essential skills needed to progress, with mastery of phonics being just one. MindChamps Reading & Writing uses a unique Integrated Phonics Approach that caters to different learning style. Its revolutionary ‘Say and Sing’ Phonics Method integrates songs, poems, movement and over 100 specially created electronic books to make the learning of phonics structures a fun and interactive experience.

The Ultimate A Star Toolbox for English (for 6 – 8 years old)
Forcing your children to learn by drilling methods will not make them proficient in writing. To be able to write well & excel in English, your children must understand the craft of writing. MindChamps’ Ultimate A Toolbox™ for English is developed by international experts in the Art of Writing and Teaching. Equip your children with the learning tools to ace the most demanding English exams and build a highly successful future.


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